LED KOKKA Tracklighting

Wide Range of Professional Adjustable Track Luminaires
  • Ideal for high-end shops, exhibitions, galleries, etc
  • Easy to adjust horizontally 350° and vertically 90°
  • High efficiency up to 96 lm/W
  • High Ra over 90 for superb color representation
  • The unique-design reflector is made of imported high-grade aluminium material, with more than 85% reflection efficiency.
  • Choose between 16°/24°/36º beam angle with perfect light distribution
  • High-efficiency: up to 96 lm/W
  • Body can rotate 350° in horizontal axis and 90° in vertical
  • White housing is standard, and black is available on demand
  • Made of robust aluminium with die-casting, powder coating surface
  • Ra over 90 for a superb representation of colors
  • Easy to adjust angle with internal rotating clip
  • Easy installation
  • Working ambient temp: -20º to+35°C
  • Warranty: 3 years, 5 years for T1468 series
  • Lifetime: 30.000 hrs at L50