LED OptiKa 900 Doble Cara

Incredible efficiency and luminosity packed together
  • High-efficiency: 122 lm/w
  • Robust and reliable: PVC, PC
  • Consistent white: MacAdams 3
  • 170° IRISLENS
  • 24V, 7W, 855lm/module
  • IP66 and fully UV rated
  • Optimised 170º lens for backlighting surfaces or letters with fewer modules but bright results. Saves on installation time and labor
  • Flexible chains with 20 modules – cuttable anywhere
  • IP66 rated for outdoor applications
  • Durability: Robust body made with innovative thermally conductive plastic and PC lens, both UV rated
  • Superior efficiency, 122 lm/W, gives incredible energy-savings
  • DC 24V
  • All modules are equipped with regulation component (24V±5%) to ensure that any fluctuation of the output voltage from the converter would not affect the lumen output, increase of temperature or lifetime of the module
  • 3M 4229 adhesive-tape and screw-hole for mechanical fixation for mechanical fixation
  • 100% aging test
  • Wide operating temperature from -25°C to +55°C

Warranty: 7 years
Lifetime: 70.000 hours at L70